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Xiluet Plastic Surgery Miami is the plastic surgery center where you will find the best specials and prices on our cosmetic procedures, such as liposuction, tummy tuck, bbl, breast augmentation with implants, among others. We are located in the Miami, Florida area very close to the Miami International airport, Miami Beach and popular places to visit in town. Our dedication is to assist and guide our patients through the journey on plastic surgery. Making our patients’ safety our first priority. Our state of the art facilities are built and run at the uppermost standards.

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Breast Augmentation Miami at Xiluet Plastic Surgery Miami enhances appearance and self-esteem. Most women, who have undergone this surgical procedure feel more confident, leading to making improvements in other areas of their lives.

During a Liposuction Surgery at Xiluet Plastic Surgery Miami, a surgeon uses a hollow stainless steel tube. Cannula together with another suction device or aspirator to eliminate body fat by employing various techniques. Liposuction is also occupied to treat fat regions in several areas of the body.

Tummy Tuck at Xiluet Plastic Surgery Miami is an ideal solution to remove unwanted skin from the stomach area while improving its overall look. Our skin can only stretch so far before it loses its elasticity. When this happens, the skin can no longer return to its original form.

Brazilian Butt Lift at Xiluet Plastic Surgery Miami procedure is a form of buttocks augmentation. Is a safe cosmetic procedure that has the benefit of using the patient’s own tissue for long-lasting beautiful results.

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Botox® and filler, Our modern life style tends to dictate the indispensable need of perfection and flawlessness especially in our appearances. We are continuously striving towards the achieving gorgeous figures, aesthetically appeasing faces and larger than life personas.

Laser Hair Removal Miami at Xiluet Plastic Surgery we offer the safest and most effective safe removal. Our team of laser hair removal experts are the best in Miami.

Varicose vein treatments can vary greatly, especially between surgical and non surgical treatments and techniques. This means that the cost of each of these treatments can vary as well. Fortunately, your insurance company can cover the costs of these treatments only if it is diagnosed as a health condition.

Microblading Also sometimes known as Micro-Blading, the Feather Hair-Strokes Technique is the newest revolutionary 3-D effect for permanent make-up eyebrows, and is great for filling in sparse areas of the brows to naturally blend with your own hair.

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In general and/or plastic surgery.We are a leading plastic surgery destination!
Xiluet Plastic Surgery Miami can arrange our patients with maximum comfort with our certified staff, trained to anticipate all of your needs and wishes during any cosmetic surgery or procedure.We are devoted to bringing your “Dreams Come True”.

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  • Nadene Rose
    3 months ago
    My consultant was new and she had to ask a few questions here and there - understandable. They followed up and when you call the phone is picked up on the first ring. Whilst the entire staff was very professional I am very impressed with Dr Ziyad. He was the first and only Dr I
  • Yolanda Uwagboi
    5 months ago
    Where do I start!! Xiluet has been the best hands downs from the start of my surgery endeavors once decision was made they set Me up with a communication Portal which I could see the coordinating and I had the convenience of viewing all my scheduling appointments and making payments Xiluet also made it convenient
  • Cassandra P
    5 months ago
    I am 1 week post op and I want to say my experience has been great. Three key people I need to mention. Of course Dr. Ziyad for answering all my questions and being available to meet when I changed my mind a couple times. Raquel for being there when I first did my consultation
  • Ashley miranda
    3 months ago
    Dr. Ziyad did an amazing job!! I got a TT and BL with silicone implants. The massage therapist Marylin is the sweetest most informative ever! Her massages made me heal and recover so much faster!! Highly recommend them.
  • Jessica Rivera
    7 months ago
    After speaking to Raquel, she has made this situation work for us. We are so happy that we will be able to continue with my surgery. I really appreciate her help her professionalism and her compassion and understanding towards everything. Of course I will revise my review after my surgery, but from what I do
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