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Breast Lift Miami is a cosmetic surgical procedure. If you are having sagging breasts, you will be able to enhance the appearance of it. No matter whether you experience sagging breasts due to loss of elasticity, weight loss, nursing, aging or any other factor, we can provide support to overcome hassle.

Breast Lift Miami

What is a

Breast lifts procedures at Xiluet Plastic Surgery performed in two ways, either isolated or by itself, or in conjunction with another procedure. For example, breast lifts are typically performed in order to lift the breasts and achieve a more youthful, natural look in the chest. For this reason, it may take an individual more than just a breast lift in order to achieve such results. Individuals who are interested in having a breast lift can now choose to do it either alone, or in conjunction with an augmentation or reduction surgery. If you would like fuller breasts or smaller breasts, having this procedure done in conjunction with an extra procedure will provide you with the exact results you desire.

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Ideal Candidates

A large number of factors will be used to determine whether you are the right candidate to go ahead with a breast lift surgery or not. In fact, you need to be in good health condition to go through the surgery. In addition that, you should have dropped your breasts because of large size, weight loss or pregnancy.


Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Miami?

Cost Breast Lift in Miami. The cost depends on the type of procedure used. The longer the operation takes, the more expensive the breast lift Miami becomes. Usually, the anchor shaped breast lift has the highest cost. The amount of experience the doctor has also counts into the cost. In the U.S., the average cost ranges from $5000 to $8000. If you choose to have a breast implant with your breast lift cost range from $5000 to $15000.

Breast Lift Techniques

Breast Lift Techniques Have Become More Advanced Than Ever Before.
During the surgical procedure, tissues in the breast are tightened Along with that, removal of extra skin and tightening will take place as well.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) revealed that since the year 2000, breast lifts have gone up by 70%, significantly outpacing breast implants. According to this ASPS research, more than 90,000 breast lifts were performed in 2013 alone.

Types of Breast Lift Surgery

Women with large breast or with terribly saggy breast require an anchor-shaped breast lift. In this surgery, the surgeon moves the nipple and the areola up a greater distance. To do this, the doctor must do both a vertical and a horizontal incision. The two incisions give the surgeon more freedom when shaping the new breast. This is a highly invasive procedure and requires the use of general anesthesia. In a way, this procedure is similar to a breast reduction. However, in breast lift Miami the breast tissue remains intact, only skin is removed.

Vertical Breast Lift

Breast Lift this method removes the excess of fat around the areola. First, the doctor makes a vertical incision. The incision goes from the base of the areola to the bottom of the breast. The doctor then removes excess skin along the incision. Afterward, the doctor rolls back the tissue into place. This procedure helps reduce bagginess and helps reshape the breast. It also creates minimal scarring tissues. This surgery requires general anesthesia.

Concentric Breast Lift

One of the main advantages of the gummy bear implant is the shape they keep over time. They will retain their original shape and look. Almost the same as when they were originally implanted. Another great advantage of having these implants is that folds and rippling. Have less probability to occur thanks to their distinct shape and filling. It doesn’t shift around with time. There is also no leakage. You don’t have to worry about the implant leaking after the operation. Furthermore, you will have less scar tissue. Some say this is due to less diffusion of silicone while others say is the implant’s firmness.

Breast Lift with Implants

Oftentimes, it is very common for women to have a breast lift along with a breast augmentation in order to have more volume and achieve a “perky” look. If your breasts have fallen and sagged enough to the point where you have lost the volume in your chest, then a breast lift in conjunction with a breast augmentation might be right for you. Having both procedures performed at the same time can result in a lifted and fuller looking chest, providing patients with maximum results.

After Breast Lift Miami

Following surgery, for the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours the breasts will be bloated, bruised and uncomfortable, but the pain will eventually subside and it can also be alleviated with medication prescribed by your surgeon. An elastic bandage or a surgical brassiere over gauze dressings are generally worn and substituted with a soft supporting bra within a few days. Sutures removal after about a week or two. Patients should prevent straining, bending and lifting heavy objects. These efforts may increase swelling and bleeding. They also need to sleep on their backs to prevent putting pressure on the chest. Patients may feel less sensation of the nipple. It might take some time for the sensation to normalize. The incisions are either pink or red and lumpy during the first months after surgery. Creams and massage will help them get their normal color.

Breast Lift Surgery Risks

Although breast lifts performed endless amounts of time for many years and have almost been perfected as a procedure, it is important to realize that there are still risks and complications involved as with all plastic surgeries.

  • There is a fever above 105 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You see blood in the urine and/or feces.
  • If there is sudden bruising, swelling, or skin darkening.
  • Convulsions or uncontrollable vomiting occur.
  • Sudden loss of consciousness.
  • The swelling comes accompanied by pain.


Women desiring a Breast Lift surgery need to have a healthy lifestyle so the healing process may be faster. This means to stay away from smoking for at least three (3) weeks prior to the surgery. The patient should be nutritionally balanced and have not taken any supplements that might contribute to excess bleeding. Patients need to complete preoperative testing lab work prior to surgery and a mammogram depending on the age and family history. Patients will shower and wash well with anti-bacterial soap the day before the surgery and arrange a friend or a family member to drive them home and to help out for a few days if needed.

When performed for cosmetic reasons, insurance does not cover breast implants. When performed as corrective surgery, the insurance usually covers the implants. To be safe, you should give a letter to your surgeon from your insurance. Which almost always guarantees complete coverage.

Breast lifts performed under general anesthesia and typically takes an hour to three hours to perform. The incision carried out, excess skin is removed, the nipple and areola moved to the uppermost position and the breast is again formed. The most common technique involves an anchor-shaped incision; thus localized around the areola, in an upright line down from the nipple area and the bottom crease of the breast.

Your doctor will provide you with instructions on how to get back to your day to day life. It will not create an impact on pregnancy as well. In case of any unusual symptom, contact your surgeon.

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Take pain medications as ordered by your doctor.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Take at least a week off from work.
  • Abstain from intercourse for at least two weeks after the surgery.
  • Check your temperature from time to time.
  • Avoid lifting anything over the head for about three to four weeks.
  • Have a friend or a family member take care of your pets.
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