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About DR. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini

Dra. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini specializes in breast augmentationbreast liftstummy tucks, body elevation, and facial cosmetic surgery such as eyelid surgery and lip enhancement.

Dr Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini is a trained plastic surgeon whose background tells a great story of overcoming personal circumstances. Immigrating from Russia to the United States at the age of 13, she and her family had to live here from scratch. The difficult times of Victoria (she prefers to call it) and the difficulties faced by her family have fueled her drive for higher education and successful life. Before attending medical school, she worked in a variety of jobs from age 14 to 22.

Dr. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini is one of Miami’s leading female cosmetic surgeons.

“We created a boutique practice that gives personal attention to everyone who walks into our door. For my patients, I do every consultation, every operation, every injection. I never leave Room and do not give the procedure to anyone; this is how my mentor, Dr. Howard Tobin trained me. My patients knew they would start and end with me; I always use a personal mobile phone available 24/7. “— Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini

Where is She Now?

She is the dean of an AACS for an approved 12-month general cosmetic surgery training program. The fellowship at Xiluet Plastic Surgery in Miami offers a variety of experiences in cosmetic surgery and teaches how to manage patient needs and safety.

Her work and family are her interests. Victoria, her husband Gabriele and her two sons, live in Dobbs Ferry, Miami, and are actively involved in community activities. Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini is fluent in Russian and English, is well known for her expertise in cosmetic surgery, and has been published twice.
Get the Results You Want

Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini has had plastic surgery herself and understands what it can do for your self-confidence and view of the world. Patients are treated like kings and queens at our Manhattan practice. Most men and women—ranging from their teens to their 60s—come to Xiluet Plastic Surgery Miami Life because they don’t like something about themselves. Victoria and our experienced staff strive to provide support and compassion while delivering stunning results.

The consultation is your first step toward improving or restoring an aspect of your appearance. Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini will listen to your goals for your face, breasts, and body and determine the best way to achieve your desired results. She doesn’t do surgery if she doesn’t believe it’s the right choice.

Get The Results You Want.



Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini’s extensive education, training, and areas of recognition include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree from Hunter College, City University of New York
  • Medical Degree from Ross University School of Medicine, concentrating on Cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Residency at Beth Israel Medical Center, Department of Surgery in N.Y.C.
    • Graduated with distinction as Chief Resident of the Year and Leon Ginsburg Award winner
  • Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship at the Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgical Center in Abilene, Texas
    • She worked under Dr. Howard A. Tobin, M.D., F.A.C.S., who was a dedicated teacher and Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini’s mentor. Dr. Tobin is well-known within the field, and doctors travel worldwide to attend and learn from him. Thanks to her hard work and teachings from Dr. Tobin, Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini was named a Fellow of The American College of Surgeons.
  • Fellow of The American College of Surgeons
  • Fellow and Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS)

She worked at Lexington Plastic Surgeons. She is the Attending Surgeon at St. John Riverside Hospital, Interfaith Medical Center, and Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. Victoria is also Madame Chair of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Programs.


* Disclaimer: Dr. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini is not an employee and/or agent, in any manner, of Xiluet. Dr. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini exercises complete independent professional judgment when rendering medical services for patients such that Xiluet is not directly, indirectly, and/or vicariously liable for the Dr. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini’s provision of medical services.



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