Common myths about plastic surgery

Common myths about plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a branch of medicine that has been the subject of many myths and misunderstandings over the years. From unfounded fears about the risks of surgery, to unrealistic expectations about the results, there is a great deal of misinformation scattered around the internet surrounding plastic surgery.
In this article,we will explain some of the most common myths about plastic surgery and we will separate the fact from the fiction.

Myth 1: Plastic surgery is only for vain people or people with self-esteem problems

False.One of the biggest myths about plastic surgery is that it is only sought after by vain or narcissistic people. While some people may choose to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures for purely cosmetic reasons, more often than not, people choose plastic surgery for health reasons.or improve their quality of life, such as those who suffer from congenital malformations, burns, trauma, cancer or degenerative diseases.

In addition, plastic surgery can help improve the self-esteem and confidence of people who feel self-conscious or dissatisfied with any part of their body, provided they have realistic expectations and good psychological support.

For example, many people have plastic surgery after losing a significant amount of weight and need to remove excess skin and fat that remains after weight loss. Plastic surgery is also used to reconstruct the breasts after a mastectomy, to correct congenital deformities, or to correct traumatic injuries.

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Myth 2: Plastic surgery is very dangerous and has many complications

Fake. Plastic surgery is a medical specialty that has qualified and experienced professionals who follow very strict safety and quality protocols. Technological advances and surgical techniques have made it possible to reduce the risks and sequelae of interventions. Of course, like all surgery, plastic surgery has its possible complications, such as infections, bruises, scars or allergic reactions, but these are rare and can be prevented or treated properly if a good surgeon is chosen and his instructions are followed before and after. after the operation.

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Myth 3: Plastic surgery is permanent and does not require aftercare:

Fake. Plastic surgery can change the shape and appearance of a part of the body, but it cannot stop the natural aging process or the changes that are produced by external factors such as the sun, tobacco, diet or weight. Therefore, it is important to maintain healthy lifestyle habits and follow the surgeon’s recommendations to take care of the results obtained and avoid possible alterations or deterioration. In addition, in some cases it may be necessary to carry out periodic touch-ups or revisions to maintain or improve the effects of the surgery.

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Myth 4: Plastic surgery is very expensive and only available to a few

Fake. Plastic surgery has experienced a boom in recent years and has become more accessible and affordable for many people. There are different financing options and payment facilities that allow adapting to the needs and budget of each patient. Also, keep in mind that plastic surgery is a long-term investment that can bring both physical and emotional benefits. Of course, you must avoid falling into the temptation of looking for offers that are too cheap or irregular that can put your health or the desired result at risk.

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Myth 5: Plastic surgery is a magical solution that can change a person’s life.

Fake. Plastic surgery can improve a person’s physical appearance and contribute to their psychological well-being, but it cannot solve all problems or guarantee happiness. Plastic surgery should be a personal and conscious decision that is made after being well informed about the advantages and disadvantages, the risks and the expectations that it implies. It must be taken into account that plastic surgery not only affects the patient but also their family, social, and work environment.

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