Política de reembolso y cancelación

Although we understand that a non-expected situation may arise which may cause you to postpone your surgery, please understand that such changes affect not only your surgeon but other patients as well. Your doctors’ time as well as the time of all the additional surgical staff including but not limited to Anesthesiologist, Circulators, and Surgical assists is a precious commodity and we request your courtesy and concern. You will only be able to reschedule your procedure a month prior to your surgery date at no cost (1) time per patient.

In order to cancel or reschedule your procedure you must provide a Formal Cancellation Notice, a month prior to your surgery date (NO EXCEPTIONS). Failure to do so may result in a nonrefundable charge of $1000.00. The fee will be retained by Xiluet Plastic Surgery, Inc and will not be reimbursed to the patient under any circumstances.  

A $1500.00 OR Fee will apply in the event that your surgery is cancelled on the day of surgery as a result of a positive drug use, alcohol use, positive nicotine use or the use of any other illicit substances. The Surgical Coordinator will reschedule your procedure at your discretion, once your balance has been paid in full.  

You must call our practice immediately prior to your surgery if you contract a cold, experience any flu or COVID-19 like symptoms, have any cuts/scrapes/sores that have not healed, or experience any changes in your overall health. These symptoms or changes in your health may require the surgeon and/or anesthesiologist to reschedule your surgery.

Toda autorización médica y pruebas preoperatorias deben llegar a nuestra oficina 10 días ANTES DE LA CIRUGÍA.

If a doctor of your choice is performing the preoperative testing, please request Pre-Operative Clearance and a Physical with sufficient time and mention the importance of us receiving the information in a timely manner. If this is not completed in a timely manner, surgery may be postponed. As you may know, our schedule is fully booked for several weeks so rescheduling may require some time.

Tenga en cuenta que si su cirugía se cancela en la fecha del procedimiento como resultado de proporcionar información falsa o engañosa sobre su BMI (peso y altura) a su médico, se aplicará una tarifa de cancelación. Si su procedimiento se cancela debido a un BMI alto no revelado a su cirujano y al personal durante su evaluación preoperatoria, estará sujeto a la CUOTA de $ 1000


Discuta cualquier otra pregunta con su coordinador quirúrgico asignado o uno de nuestros representantes en Xiluet Plastic Surgery, Inc.

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