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Affordable Brow Lift Cosmetic Surgery in Miami, also Called an Eyebrow Lift or Forehead Lift.

Brow Lift Miami Surgery coronal brow lift considered as a natural front stretch. The natural brow lift procedure minimizes the creases that develop on the forehead of men and women all over South Florida. Occurring in the bridge high nose, improving what is commonly known as expression lines, improving or falling down from.

Therefore we also offer Tail Lift or Brow Lift Miami Temporal Region. Involves making an incision on the sides of the scalp. Incisions are 4-7 cm that can be placed in the hairline of the scalp, on the side of the temples, above the ears. The closer eyebrow incision is made, is the more effective and durable procedure. The average duration of results is 1 year.

What is the Brow Lift Miami?


Xiluet Plastic Surgery, with our entire team of highly qualified plastic surgeons. We offer several surgical procedures for stretching the front along with the elevation of the eyebrows. We performed plastic surgery of Lifting Coronal forehead making an incision in the scalp from ear to ear. This procedure of the front and parched brow augmentation or corrugator muscle giving a permanent effect. Stretch the skin, forehead and eyebrows rising as both head tail rise. This procedure could be one of the most enduring of this type of plastic surgery for a big brow lift.


Brow Lift

Almost surgery which aims to achieve the brow lifting of drooping brows and skin and reduce forehead wrinkles plastic surgery? The surgery is usually an outpatient procedure that requires 1 hour to 90 minutes of surgery. An incision in the scalp from ear to ear done, behind the hairline so that the resultant scar hides. This means making a cut on the scalp as if from ear to ear like that may well raise eyebrows and shape the brow bone.

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Ideal Candidates

Brow Lift

For the reason that Xiluet Plastic Surgery brow cosmetic surgery recommends that all those men and women. Who have sagging eyebrows and want to improve the harmony of her face are ideal candidates for such surgery. Broward eyebrows lifting are performed on people who do not want the application of Botox.

Differences Between

Coronal & Direct Brow Lift

While it can be noted that there are several differences between the coronal brow lift procedure surgery and direct big brow lift surgery. While the coronal lift or uses an incision from ear to ear and is considered an open surgery that exposes the structures and tissues in the area to direct vision by stretching plastic surgeon’s forehead surgery using video cameras or other media, endoscopic facelift is a closed, indirect surgery, where there is no vision or direct access to the muscles and structures in the area.

Endoscopic Facelift

In the endoscopic facelift performed 5 vertical and small incisions in the scalp, through which a mini video camera introduced, which gives the enlarged image on a television. Using these images and the surgical instruments inserted through incisions is that it works on the structure in a similar manner to the coronal lifting, but indirectly, by what is considered a closed technique. The surgeon views internal structures and tissues of that region of the skull on a monitor.

Coronal Brow Lift

Furthermore of all the treatments to raise the eyebrows, the coronal lift is the most enduring in terms of results, compared with the endoscopic brow lift, the coronal lift is offering the most lasting results. The results of surgery are permanent. Similarly, the tail of the eyebrows raised, replacing the sad, tired look for a younger and uncluttered look, turn the front also revised and rejuvenated. Interestingly, until now no method to raise eyebrows and leave permanently and for life in a certain position known. The stretching of the skin and the effects of gravity take eyebrows to its original position over the years.

Direct Brow Lift Surgery

The direct brow lift, also known as pexia eyebrow wrinkles is the simplest procedure rejuvenating eyebrows throughout South Florida, whose main objective is to help people to look less tired and sad giving a blossoming young air his face. Plastic surgery on brow lift direct traditional.
Above all vanity has an expert team of plastic surgeons, eyebrows done through traditional endoscopic methods a small incision on each side on the scalp above the level of the eyebrows where his endoscope is inserted leather. Then off to a greater or lesser extent the skin and muscles of the frontal bone to release the queue eyebrow. The skin tightenes, the excess skin resected, the incisions closed and brow lifts. It is a minor procedure with the effect it suitable for patients with mild facial aging.

Planning Before Brow Lift Surgery

At the initial consultation, our plastic surgeons lift surgery eyebrows evaluate your health and explain the most appropriate for your particular case and whether to combine direct brows lifting with eyelid lifting surgical techniques, surgery coronal brow lift Miami or a face lift overall. All in favor of what you want and feel more beautiful.

You will have a complete medical and laboratory examination and must have adequate mental health should be fit for surgery.
The consumption of snuff is very important for brow lift Miami plastic surgery suspend at least one month before the operation. All smokers have an increased risk of suffering from the skin of the operated region and delayed healing.

You must tell your doctor if you are consuming a specific medicine before surgery two eyebrows weeks.
Having reliable and realistic expectations about the operation and the good results you will get.

We will explain the type of anesthesia commonly used in the hospital, where we make the intervention and the costs thereof.
To anticoagulant patients have to consult your hematologist to change treatment schedule.

During the day of operation we need to have a family member in case you need extra support, but with the direct lift surgery eyebrows to be a simple procedure is not necessary.

Postoperative Brow Lift Surgery

  • Recovery from endoscopic surgery is quick since the incisions are very small.
  • After the procedure, forehead tape or bandage to minimize swelling left. This dressing removed in the span of 24 to 48 hours.
  • Sometimes if you want you can let a drain to prevent the accumulation of fluids.
  • The results can be seen immediately despite the swelling that may occur.
  • Recommendations will be made for the recovery in the postoperative appointments and will respond to all the concerns of the patient.
  • Removal of the last points 5 days after surgery eyebrows.
  • Most people return to work after 7 days after the surgery.
  • Medicines will be sent to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection.
  • The first 48 hours. Semi rest indicated in sitting position.
  • They have a common risk with any surgery and specific risks of each type of surgery in particular.
  • Scars with the help of hair don’t permit a visible scar.
  • Bruising disappearing by the day.
  • Infection
  • Poor wound healing depending on the patient.
  • Anesthesia risks.
  • Fix the hair loss in the incisions.
  • Birth of hair.
  • The facial asymmetry.
  • Loss of skin.
  • Numbness or other changes in skin sensation or intense itching.
  • Eye irritation or dryness.
  • Disorders of the eyelids.
  • Skin discoloration and swelling.
  • Sutures may spontaneously emerge through the skin, visible or produce irritation that requires removal become.

Another way to do the Natural Brow Lift

Another way is through the incision in the upper eyelid. This incision allows the correction of upper eyelids, blepharoplasty and brow lift at the same time. It is also possible to correct the corrugator muscle through the same incision. Finally, you have the subcutaneous natural brow lift procedure is useful for cases of drooping eyebrows. With excess skin at this level, thus restoring the original location of the upper part of the face that has been affected over the years. Another method would lift the tissues of the forehead and eyebrows.

Brow Lifty
Surgery Risks

At Xiluet Plastic Surgery Miami, we have almost 0% of any surgery risk. You have to follow the instructions give by your doctors and evryhting will be very smooth and confortable


Consequently, through this incision, the tissues around their temples tense, bringing the tail of the brow reduction surgery. During surgery, considered an open surgery, the skin of the forehead can be separated from the bone giving a direct view of the muscles in the area, allowing the surgeon to work freely and directly on them, freeing the structures that maintain or betray drooping eyebrows and down and turn setting these structures in a higher position to heal in this new position.

It is very important to ask your plastic surgeon about your brow lift procedure. It is natural to feel some anxiety, whether it’s excitement for your new look or a bit of preoperative stress. Do not be shy about discussing these feelings with your plastic surgeon.

  • Certainly, recovery from endoscopic surgery is quickly furthermore the incisions are very small.
  • After the procedure, forehead tape or bandage to minimize swelling left. This dressing removal in the span of 24 to 48 hours.
  • Sometimes if you want you can let a drain to prevent the accumulation of fluids.
  • Look immediately despite the swelling that may occurred.
  • After 48 hours the patient can perform their daily activities.
  • Recommendations found for the recovery in the post -operative appointments and will respond to all the concerns of the patient.
  • Nursing home for the first 72 hours.
  • Removal of the last points 5 days after surgery eyebrows.