Notice to Patients

Xiluet Plastic Surgery, Inc will only guarantee the procedure quoted during your Initial Evaluation if the minimum deposit of $500 has been met and if the total procedure cost is not subject to financing. Therefore, to be scheduled for surgery at Xiluet Plastic Surgery, Inc and secure a specific date of your choice, it is mandatory that you warrant the Final Payment and all outstanding fees and costs associated with your scheduled procedure two week prior to your surgery date. 

Xiluet Plastic Surgery, Inc accepts multiple payment methods. If you choose to utilize financing for your procedure, your financing company may require you to make additional payments prior to the initiation and completion of your procedure(s) and your price may be subject to change provided by the lender. Financing companies are separate business entities with their own rules and policies over which Xiluet Plastic Surgery, Inc has no influence or control. 

In order to provide patients with the finest service, Xiluet Plastic Surgery, Inc has entered into binding agreements with plastic surgeons and other healthcare professionals that provide their services as independent contractors. Since Xiluet Plastic Surgery, Inc schedules, coordinates and delivers the medical support and staff necessary to offer quality services.

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Please discuss any further questions with your assigned Surgical Coordinator or one of our representatives at Xiluet Plastic Surgery, Inc.