Out of Town Patients Coming to Miami For Plastic Surgery at Xiluet

Out of Town Patients Coming to MiamiOut of Town Patients coming to Miami. No matter what the reason is, deciding to undergo a plastic surgery is a life changing decision which requires some planning. At Xiluet Plastic Surgery we have thousands of visitors from all over the world who travel in order to be treated by one of our many top plastic surgeons we have on our team or to take advantage of our seasonal specials.

Why Xiluet Plastic Surgery?

Furthermore, at Xiluet we offer the best plastic surgeons. Our typical patient has done their research, shopped around, and committed to one of our many talented plastic surgeons before they call to schedule their consultation.

Out of town patients often take advantage of our great pricing and schedule minimally invasive procedures such as Botox or Laser Hair Removal in addition to their surgery. The result? Patients are able to return home looking radiant, rejuvenated, and better than ever before!

Plan for Success

Therefore, the possibility of at last having a surgery you have quite possibly wanted the majority of your adult life can make you dizzy with excitement, and no one is more excited to serve you than as.

First of all, achieving the best results from a plastic surgery depends on two important factors:

  • The skill level, experience, and artistry of the plastic surgeons performing the procedure.
  • How well each patient takes care of themselves after the procedure is done.

Out of town patients coming to Xiluet

Consequently, here are some factors to take into consideration prior to booking:

  • Fluctuations in weight before and after surgery adversely affect the plastic surgeon’s hard work. Many patients come to us after losing weight, which we love BUT if you are in the process of losing weight, make sure you have reached your target and have maintained the same weight for at least three months prior to surgery.
  • In the weeks leading up to surgery patients are advised to eat well, exercise, and rid themselves of bad habits such as smoking. Many patients stick to their new healthier lifestyles after surgery, as it helps protect their surgeon’s hard work!
  • Expectations – Keep your expectations realistic. Many patients have a whole portfolio of “wish pics” which is helpful in planning your procedure. When selecting wish pictures, select photos of people who are similar to you in bone structure, height, ethnicity, and weight.
  • Frame of Mind – Plastic surgery will not fix a marriage, get you a raise, or fight mental illness. While it can greatly boost your self-confidence which carries over into other aspects of your life, patients seeking surgery should not expect other areas of their lives “fixed”.

Planning Your Procedure

Peruse our before and after galleries, read the staff biographies, and watch some videos then select which surgeon you would like to carry out your procedure. Below is an example of the progression of events out of town patients can expect throughout their time with Xiluet Plastic Surgery.

  • Contact us via online chat, or by phone during business hours at (305) 615-4200.
  • Make it easy on yourself and request a virtual consultation. Your patient coordinator sends a simple questionnaire via email. Request several pictures of you to be studied by your selected surgeon.
  • All surgeons at Xiluet Plastic Surgery have maximum allowable Body Mass Index (BMI):
    – Dr. Zuriarrain 32
    – Dr. Rodríguez 36
    – Dr. Stover 32
    – Dr. Hunsaker 35
  • Lock in your pricing and schedule your surgery date. One of our surgical coordinators by making a deposit. This is also the best opportunity to explore financing options.
  • Keep your weight stable and don’t smoke. Stop at least 30 days prior to any procedure.
  • You are now in the care of the pre-operative department, who will send you specific instructions requested by your surgeon, along with a preliminary medical questionnaire, and a prescription for required laboratory testing.
  • We can send a prescription for testing to your facility of choice if need be. All testing in your home town, not more than 30 days prior to the scheduled surgery date. Based on the results of the initial testing, the surgeon may require additional testing. Results are considered expired at 30 days and it is your responsibility to have the results to us within the allotted time. Testing must be done anywhere between 2 weeks and 29 days prior to your surgery date.
  • Once you are cleared for surgery, it’s time to book your flight! To calculate your return date, use the handy recovery timeline below based on your selected procedure. Please note that all patients arrive in Miami by NOON THE DAY BEFORE THEIR FIRST PRE-OPERATIVE APPOINTMENT.
  • We put together a recovery timeline to help you plan your stay in Miami.

Out of Town Patients

Tummy Tuck patients schedule their first post-operative drainage massage appointments.

Procedure Ok to fly after Notes
Brazilian Butt Lift 7-10 days You must return to Xiluet for a follow-up consultation with your surgeon to ensure healing is underway. BBL patients schedule their first post-operative drainage massage appointments.
Tummy Tuck 9-10 days You must return to Xiluet for a follow-up consultation with your surgeon to ensure healing is underway.
Liposuction 3-4 days You go home on the same day.
Breast Procedures 5-7 days You must return to Xiluet for one or more follow-up appointments with your surgeon to ensure healing is underway.
Eyelid Surgery 5 days Recovery depends on the type of procedure, upper eyelids or a combination of upper/lower lids.

Xiluet Plastic Surgery

Out of Town Patients. We realize that deciding to undergo any plastic surgery procedure is a major life decision. The majority of our patients save for months in order to finally obtain the procedure they have wanted for so long.

When you decide to contact us, make sure to ask about our comfortable financing options. At Xiluet we pride ourselves in providing the best plastic and cosmetic surgery. Some of the top plastic surgeons in Miami, at a price point our patients can afford.